Mathematics for the Public (in Korean)

If Music Were to Disappear Tomorrow

with Cellist Sung-Won Yang

Gimmyeong Publishing (2024)

The Joy of Mathematics, or its Possibility


Gimmyoung Publishing, 2022

Welcome to the Mathematics Story Club

Influential Inc., 2022

Letters to My Son: Crossing the Cosmos of Life

Woongjin Books, 2022

Mathematics in History and History in Mathematics

21st Century Books, 2021

When You Need Mathematics Again

Influential Inc., Seoul (2020) 

The Moment You Need Mathematics

Influential Inc., Seoul (2018) 

The Learning of Mathematics

(with Taekyung Kim) Eunhaeng-namu Publishing, Seoul (2016) 

Father's Mathematical Journey

Eunhaeng-namu Publishing, Seoul (2014) 

Prime Fanatsy

Banni Publishing, Seoul (2013)