Helping to Overcome The Fear of Mathematics

An interview for Korean Broadcasting System World Radio. I discussed the obstacles to learning mathematics and made some regional comparisons, East Asia, Europe, and the US.

The Moment You Need a Mathematical Viewpoint

A lecture for MBC television, in which I try to explain why the history of science is a series of footnotes to Pythagoras. (With apologies to A.N. Whitehead).

Mathematics for Survival (September, 2020)

Preview of an episode of the series 'Differential Classes' by JTBC television in which I try to explain mathematics to TV personalities. I should say I was extremely impressed by the participants. The recording lasted over 6 hours and covered much more material than the programme. During this time they all remained engaged, asked good questions, and really wanted to learn. The production team was itself remarkably serious about achieving harmony between education and entertainment.

Mathematical Moments (September, 2020)

A series of 17 lectures for the Korean Educational Broadcasting System. By way of examples from the dynamics of projectiles, topology, and the vibration of strings, I tried to explain why the language of mathematics is necessary for an understanding of nature, and that one shouldn't only rely on metaphors to achieve such an understanding.

Scientific Thinking and Mathematical Thinking (September, 2020)

A public lecture for the KAOS Foundation and the Korea Institute for Advanced Study.

An interview for the Western District Office of Education in Seoul (August, 2020)

The questions all came from parents of young children concerned about their children's education. Lacking expertise, I usually try to say as little as possible about educational issues of a direct sort. But here, I may have made at least a few mistakes and expressed ignorant opinions.

Unreal Science, a YouTube broadcast (August, 2020)

I hesitated quite a bit before participating in this and I'm sure many serious scientists will (rightly) regard it as frivolous. But I know that the intentions of the channel providers are serious. I've always admired the work of Matt Parker in the UK, who manages to combine mathematics outreach with stand-up comedy. It's somewhat reminiscent of Zen Buddhist methodology, whereby the master does absurd things sometimes to relax the mind and body of the student, allowing the difficult lessons to seep in. I will never be able to imitate Parker or a Zen master, but this was a small attempt at something vaguely similar, mostly thanks to the aid of my kind hosts. The broadcast went from 11PM to 1AM. I was really impressed by the regular viewers of this show, who numbered around 9000 at the highest point in the night, listening to mathematics.

Mathematics in History (August, 2020)

A series of 8 lectures for Naver, in which I discuss the Pythagoreans, the views of Plutarch and Pliny on Archimedes, the influence of Islamic mathematics on 17th century science, the poetry of Sor Juana Inez de la Cruz, and Muriel Rukeyser's biography of Josiah Willard Gibbs.

Mathematics is everywhere

Preview of an episode of the series 'Differential Classes' by JTBC television (2018). 

Is the Universe Shape or Number? 

A talk concert for The KAOS (Knowledge Awake On Stage) Foundation. 

The Glass Bead Game 

This was the first talk concert of the KAOS foundation that took place in 2012 before the foundation was established.

Mathematics: The Answer to Everything 

An interview for the KAOS Foundation.

Connecting Mathematics to Physics

Interview for Quanta Magazine 

Is the Universe Geometric or Algebraic?

Einstein Lecture at International Centre for Theoretical Physics and Christ University, Bengalaru.

What are numbers?

A segment of a lecture series for Art and Study. 

The Moment you need Mathematics. (link)